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I’ve been back in China almost 4 weeks now, and even though coming back was a bit of a struggle (my connecting flight from DFW to LAX was delayed, causing a series of unfortunate events in which I missed my flight from LAX to China and didn’t get my luggage for a week) coming back to Hengyang was a bit like coming home.

I thought it would be strange starting a second year after being in America for two months, but it was like picking up where I left off at the end of last semester. It’s 1000 times easier moving to China when you already know the city and don’t have to go through much culture shock again!

Just like last year, we taught professors for a short 4 week summer semester. I had the professors for Oral English three times a week, and I also had a nursing class twice a week and another oral English class once a week. The professors are so fun to teach because they love discussions and aren’t afraid to speak up!


Meet the newest members of the foreign teacher club in Hengyang:

Lauren, Me, Dylan, Meredith & Alli

The new foreign teachers arrived almost a week after we did, and it’s been so funny to watch them learn about China and go through the same things we did last year. [But also easier for them since we can guide them ;)]

There have been many happy reunions with the other foreigners from Hengyang:



We also went to KTV to celebrate our friend Mervin’s birthday and ate cupcakes afterwards (the Chinese people thought they were too sweet, of course.)


It’s also still supremely popular to make memes of your friends and we’ve got several circulating in our Wechat groups…

It really is so good to be back in Hengyang again. I’m excited for the next 10 months and the people and places we can meet!

My foreign teacher friends also post about living in Hengyang, China, and you should check out their stuff:

Stay tuned for more Hengyang news!


瑞秋 Rui Qiu (my Chinese name meaning Lucky Autumn)

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