Phuket Is Waiting For You

Phuket Island is really amazing. It’s at the southernmost part of Thailand, has gorgeous beaches, and feels completely different than Chiang Mai. It’s a little more touristy, but a great place to visit if you want a relaxing Thai holiday. It was my second time to visit Phuket, so it was nice to already know the area and revisit familiar places.

The fun thing about travel is the unexpected things that happen along the way. We planned to fly from Chiang Mai to the island Phuket, but due to a series of unfortunate events we had to take an overnight 10 hour bus to Bangkok and catch a flight from there to Phuket instead.

The crew in transit to Bangkok

Good news: the bus ride was awesome! I expected a miserable 10 hour ride on an old yellow school bus up and down holey roads (I’m not really sure why I pictured this) but we paid 500 baht for a charter bus with wifi, a place to charge your phones, and TV screens in front of your seats. The bus stopped at a rest area halfway through the night and you could use your bus ticket to get free food.

Bad news: I got sick our first night in Phuket (food poisoning from the bus food I think).

It’s all part of the beauty of travel.

Anyways, Phuket is awesome and here’s what you should do there


Go to the beach (of course)


Visit the nearby islands

We took a day trip to Coral Island and Raya Island – it was a great way to get out on the water and see more beautiful Thailand beaches!



Go Snorkeling

I’ve never been snorkeling for before (besides a swimming pool). We didn’t snorkel for very long but I loved the experience and would go again.

You can also check out Bangla Road (if you’re brave) and some outdoor food markets. Phuket is the perfect place if you’re looking to lounge around a beach and walk around a city but also experience some outdoorsy activities.



It’s also really affordable to stay in Thailand! If you can get a plane ticket out to Thailand it’s totally possible to travel cheaply and spread your money a long way depending on the kind of things you want to do.

  • 500 Baht ($14.25) – bus ride to Bangkok
  • 250 Baht ($7) – Hostel cost per night
  • 100-200 Baht ($3-6) – Dinner
  • 35 Baht ($1) – Coffee
  • 70 Baht ($2) – Fruit Smoothie
  • 200-300 Baht ($6-9) – Thai Massage

We stayed at Dfeel Hostel, where we stayed last year. There’s a Mosque nearby and you can hear the call to prayer everyday. Last year I also went to Tiger Kingdom, went to an Elephant Nature Park, and traveled more around Phuket. This year we decided to stay close to Patong Beach since we would be traveling to other countries that wouldn’t have the beaches like this.


TL;DR… Go to Phuket, the Thai beaches are waiting for you!

I’m keeping this post short and sweet and leaving it with my girl Lauren living life to the fullest in Thailand. Next up Cambodia!




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