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One Night In Singapore

I planned a long layover in Singapore on my way to Bali and that was definitely a mistake. One evening is not enough time here!

singapore map.PNG

A few facts about Singapore:

  • Languages: English, Malay, Chinese, Tamil
  • Almost all Singaporeans are bilingual!
  • Currency: Singapore dollar ($1 USD=$1.3 SGD)


Here are a few of the Singapore highlights I checked out:


Murals. Colored houses. Spicy food. And tons of Instagrammable backgrounds.

WeChat Image_20180222150742.jpg

WeChat Image_20180222150734.jpg



WeChat Image_20180222153850


I know I live in China but it’s hard to resist the lights and lanterns and food here!


WeChat Image_20180222151445WeChat Image_20180227171851WeChat Image_20180227171853WeChat Image_20180227171855


Centered around the Singapore River and filled with lots of malls and restaurants.

WeChat Image_20180222150730.jpg

WeChat Image_20180222150727.jpg


This is a really cool area with a great skyline view, fancy malls and shopping areas, and a light show.

WeChat Image_20180222152524

WeChat Image_20180222154249.jpg


I came really late at night to this one, but these kind of places are great for finding lots of food. I’ve heard the Hainanese Chicken Rice is really good but unfortunately it was closed so I couldn’t try it here.




I liked listening to people from Singapore – these ladies next to me on the metro spoke quickly and changed rapid fire from English to Chinese, dropping in and out of both languages so fluently. That was pretty cool.

Another thing: Metros are calmer and more orderly than in China. I learned this when I was like trying to shove my way on and realized no one else was doing this (oops). In China you have to fight to get on and off, but this is definitely not a thing in Singapore.

WeChat Image_20180222152523.jpg

I walked more than 10 miles trying to see and do as much as I could in a few hours and I still barely scratched the depths of Singapore! One of the coolest things about Singapore is how diverse it is – you can go from Chinatown to Little India to the Arab Quarter and still not see everything.

The public transportation is also super easy to follow and most everyone speaks English so it’s very convenient to navigate! The only downside to Singapore is it’s definitely more expensive than other Asian countries (but if you’re coming from the U.S. it won’t seem bad).

I missed so many things though – lots of museums, Orchard Road, the Marina Bay light show, and taking one of those obligatory pics at Marina Bay Sands (you know, the cool pool up in the sky with a great city view). I really have no choice but to go back again for longer right?

WeChat Image_20180222154251.jpg

Also can we talk about the Changi Airport for a second and how beautiful and modern it is? There are these colorful seats everywhere with their own personal outlets for charging. The bathrooms are gorgeous. I don’t feel worthy. Definitely one of the best airports I’ve ever been to.


WeChat Image_20180222153820WeChat Image_20180222153832WeChat Image_20180222153830

Until next time Singapore!

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