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The Million Sunflower Garden

In the southern Nansha district of Guangzhou you’ll find a park full of flowers. Millions of them, to be exact (according to the park name).

WeChat Image_20180331183523.jpg

The Million Sunflower Garden isn’t exactly what you’d expect from a normal garden. If you’re thinking of a peaceful and quiet park – forget that. It feels more like an amusement park with games, rides, playgrounds, balloons, snacks, and a swimming pool. But hey, that’s China for you.

sunflower garden.PNG
Looking at this map I’m not sure how this place is still considered in Guangzhou, but it is!


Entrance: 150 RMB
Hours: 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Directions: Take Line 4 to Jiaomen Station. Get on bus 1 or 2 and ride it to the end of the line to 百万葵园 station (about an hour).
Bring: Your camera, favorite Instagram poses, and snacks. (Bonus points if you bring Chinese snacks like spicy dried meat, chicken feet, tofu, bread, corn, and yogurt.)

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WeChat Image_20180331181839.jpg

Once you’re here you should definitely check out:

Sunflower Field


WeChat Image_20180331182241WeChat Image_20180331182429

WeChat Image_20180331182433WeChat Image_20180331182814

WeChat Image_20180331182301


I think this is a hotel. It’s a great photo backdrop and there’s a little train you can ride around it for free, too!

WeChat Image_20180331183523

WeChat Image_20180331184324.jpg



The park has limitless photo possibilities – winding little paths, bright arbors, colorful houses, and  interesting decor (like Marvel characters and Hello Kitty).

WeChat Image_20180331184326.jpg

WeChat Image_20180331183530

WeChat Image_20180331181925.jpg


WeChat Image_20180331184331WeChat Image_20180331184302


WeChat Image_20180331184336

WeChat Image_20180331195629.jpg

WeChat Image_20180402125552

WeChat Image_20180331194046
I made a few Chinese friends, and one lady insisted I wear her sunglasses while she took my photo because it was so bright LOL


WeChat Image_20180402125555.jpg

Verdict: If you’re looking for a day outside, the Million Sunflower Garden is the perfect place to go. Even with lots of people there I had a great time and was able to take decent shots! It’s also perfect for kids because of all the games and activities they offer.

Who should come: Flower fiends, Instagram models, parents who want to throw their children in a pool or flower maze and leave them there, and those who don’t mind a few people bumping into them.

All jokes aside, this is one of my favorite places I’ve been to in Guangzhou! It’s definitely a unique spot, and after I posted on Wechat about this place I had lots of friends asking me about it!

It did take me two hours to get there and two hours back so it’s not really a place to go on a time crunch, but if you have a day free and time to stroll around and smell the flowers, you should do it.

sunflower 1


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