I finished my year of teaching in Guangzhou! While I’m sad to say goodbye to my little students, I’m excited for what’s next! I love living in China – the culture, the people, the food, the challenges – and I’m not ready to leave it all yet…

So I moved to Beijing!


I was really busy in July finishing my contract with the kindergarten then helping with summer classes at another center. I taught some of these students part-time for a year and we became so close! I became used to seeing their smiling little faces every week and they brought me so much joy.

Our last week together was so fun. We played more games, sang more songs, had a fashion show, and took sooo many photos together.

I love you guys and I’m so happy I could be your teacher this year!

WeChat Image_20180812110932

WeChat Image_20180812110933
Jack, Jacky, Tomas, Leo, Arnie, Emma, Helen


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Jojo, Rachel, Hero, Anna, Alan, Jacky, Tomas, Jackson


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Lucas, Daisy, Alice, Mimi, Tiffany, Anne, and Mia


I visited Beijing once during the Spring Festival in 2016 and never imagined I’d be moving there!

The Great Wall with friends I taught with my first year in China! Shout out to the original Dumpling Expert crew

Aside from being the capital of China and one of the top destinations for travelers in Asia, it’s a great place for expats to live. You’ve got traditional Chinese architecture and history, as well the modern city life that comes with a metropolitan area of 20 million people.

A few people think I’m crazy to move from Guangzhou to a city much more polluted and cold…but I’m actually really excited about it. While I’ve loved my year in Guangzhou, I’m ready to be in a different city that can offer the same big city life that Guangzhou has – and even more!

I think it will also be really interesting to live in a northern Chinese city. The majority of my experiences in China have been in the southern cities, but China is huge. Every region has it’s own dialects, foods, and traditions. It will be exciting to experience China in a different way.


Before I came to China to be an ESL teacher, I graduated with a B.A. in Public Relations and Communications. Sharing stories and media and connecting with others across social media platforms has always been one of my passions and a big reason I started a blog here in China.

I’ve absolutely loved teaching and had the best three years with my university and kindergarten students, but I knew at some point I wanted to be in the communications field again.

So here’s what is next! I’ll be working in Beijing as the Digital Marketing and Social Media coordinator for Career China. Career China partners with other companies to help people who want to come live and work abroad in China. Whether it’s teaching or another career field, they can get you connected with a job here.

I’ve been working with Career China part-time for several months already, helping with their social media and writing for their blog.

career china 1.PNG

You can check out some of my blogs for Career China here:


beijing wangfujing street

My first night in Beijing I went to Wangfujing Street to say hello to Beijing. I’m sure I’ll write more about this place in the future, but Wangfujing is a famous walking street with all kinds of delicous and weird food.

Like scorpions. On a stick.

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I also woke up early to visit the Temple of Heaven, a famous temple and park here in Beijing.

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It’s already been a whirlwind – right after I arrived, I looked at an apartment with an agent, signed a lease, and registered my new address with the police. This was definitely a faster process than it was in Guangzhou!

I’ve also met lots of my new coworkers and seen more of Beijing. We went out to an archery bar and ate hot pot one night (one of the best foods in China!)

hot pot.jpg

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WeChat Image_20180812110908.jpg

I’m really excited about Beijing because it feels like a combination of Guangzhou and Hengyang – a big modern city but with lots of little Hutongs and local culture to explore. I can’t wait to see what else will happen here.

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