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6 Viral Video Challenges in China

Over the last 3 years in China I’ve had the chance to learn about Chinese pop culture and see some of the popular trends that go on here. Chinese music  and videos are so FUN. People aren’t afraid to get a little ridiculous. They love to wear face filters and cat masks. They do weird things in public and make the funniest videos of themselves.

There’s a popular Chinese app called Duoyin that people can use to make and share videos. Sometimes these music videos go viral and thousands of people imitate the original video and try to complete the challenge. (Fun fact: Duoying is  actually the world’s most downloaded iPhone app!)

Watching these Duoyin videos is one of my favorites things to do now – here are some of my favorite Chinese viral videos that I’ve seen the last few months.

1. Xue Mao Jiao 學貓叫 (Study How To Meow)

What happens when you combine Chinese pop music with lots of meowing and hand movements? This. This is what happens and it’s purrrfect.

2. Rent a Boyfriend

This is actually a real thing some malls in China did for a promotion – you could go to the mall, pick out a cute boy, scan the QR code, and rent him for 30 minutes. He’ll help you shop, carry your bags, take photos with you, and give you some advice on fashion or boys or life.

rent boyfriend

3. Lovers Changing Clothes

Have you ever wanted to swap clothes with your boyfriend or girlfriend? This is the funniest video Chinese couples across the nation were trying out and some of the guys have the best reactions.

Song: Kawaii Hito by Chai


4. Head Banger

I watched this one on repeat and could not stop laughing. Especially the one with the girl and her grandpa. Classic.

Song: 白小白-最後我們沒再一起(DJ版)

This particular video was stuck in my head for a week and finally I caved and made a video with some friends.

5. Tarzan Dance

Dancing in public at its finest.

Song: Ge Bi Tai Shan 隔壁泰山 – A Li Lang 阿里郎

6. When Someone Steals Your Food

This is an older one but still really funny – you give your friend a piece of food that’s small (or not as tasty) and then take something bigger and better from their plate.

Untitled design(7).png

A Few Reasons You Should Download Duoyin

  1. These videos are a guaranteed pick me up on a bad day
  2. You’ll learn about Chinese pop culture
  3. You can help me make more of these videos

Any other funny Chinese video trends going on? Let me know so I can watch them a million times.

Untitled design(6).png




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