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2018 In Review

2018 has been a big year! I turned 25. Traveled to several new countries and many cities in China. Tried new things. Learned more Chinese. Said goodbye to my kindergarten students and moved to Beijing. And I finally went home to the U.S. after almost a year and a half of being gone.

I wanted to revisit some of my favorite moments from 2018 before 2019 arrives – here they are:


My new year started with a belated Christmas production at the kindergarten I taught at, and also end-of-semester presentations with students I taught part-time.

january 1.jpg

WeChat Image_20180114200323.jpg

WeChat Image_20180114200227.jpg


Chinese New Year! I spent 18 hours in Singapore, got kissed by monkeys in Indonesia, and celebrated the Lunar New Year in Vietnam. I was with old friends, made lots of new friends, and also spent time traveling solo (which I really enjoyed!)

monkey kiss.jpg


WeChat Image_20180223142733WeChat Image_20180223141058 - Copy


The spring semester started at Kindergarten, then I went to a Holi party in Dongguan and a St. Paddy’s Day party in Guangzhou.

WeChat Image_20180311191250

WeChat Image_20180318211131WeChat Image_20180328120553


Hello 25! I celebrated with middle school students and a trip back to Hengyang to visit old friends in my Chinese hometown. I also visited Shenzhen with friends.


2018 in review.png


I went to Hengyang with friends again and explored some cool places in Guangzhou.

WeChat Image_20180517080513.jpg

WeChat Image_20180521150248


I went to Hong Kong 3 times – once for the Dragon Boat festival,  once to buy a new phone, and once just to see if I could do a hike there and come back to Guangzhou all in a day (I could and it was exhausting but worth it).

WeChat Image_20180619213800sitting dragon7


Kindergarten let out for summer vacation and I said goodbye to my students I had been with everyday for 11 months! I taught a summer class for two weeks… and then I took a solo trip in China to Zhangjiajie and Fenghuang, two of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been in China.

WeChat Image_20180713142552.jpg

WeChat Image_20180711120638.jpg

WeChat Image_20180805093807 - Copy.jpg

1 street walking.jpg


I moved to Beijing and started a new job!

faveIMG_4667career china gang


I joined a volleyball team, visited Nanjing, took a trip to the Great Wall, and saw a Chinese music festival. I also started collab-ing with other Instagrammers/Youtubers in China and met some really cool people!

favorite chinese music fes

WeChat Image_20180922134808

Untitled design(6)

favorite eye open


I took a short trip to Inner Mongolia, moved apartments, and explored more in Beijing.

WeChat Image_20181022121911WeChat Image_20181022121921WeChat Image_20181022120211


More volleyball, Great Wall trips, and hanging out in Beijing.

WeChat Image_20181108143703WeChat Image_20181215140556



I celebrated lots of holidays and birthdays with friends in China and went home to the U.S. for the first time in a year and a half!


roisin bdaay.jpg

See Ya 2018

It’s been a wonderful year full of some amazing people, places, and moments! Thanks to everyone who made 2018 so memorable. I’m excited for the start of 2019 and setting new goals for myself; I’d like to restart Chinese lessons and study more, and also cross off more places on my China bucket list – and visit a few new countries if possible!) Do you have any goals for 2019?!





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