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5 Reasons to Visit Port Barton

The last destination on my trip to the Philippines was a little beach town three hours south of El Nido: Port Barton.

While a bit smaller and quieter than El Nido, Port Barton offers many experiences that rival those you find in El Nido. You can go swimming with sea turtles, find star fish, and hammock and swing on the most beautiful little islands.

How To Get To Port Barton:

You can take a van from Puerto Princesa or from El Nido. We went from El Nido and it took about 3 hours.


5 Reasons to Visit Port Barton:

1. The Boat Tours

Port Barton is famous for being Palawan’s Sea Turtle sanctuary, and you can actually swim with the turtles here. There are several boat tours to choose from. I went on Boat Tour A, which takes you to several cool locations, one of which is a popular area where the sea turtles swim.  (I swam with one but sadly didn’t bring an underwater camera!)

WeChat Image_20190220164127

2. Find Starfish

The boat tour will also take you to Starfish “Island”, a little sandbar where starfish commonly pop up.


WeChat Image_20190214171330.jpg

3. Hammocks and Swings Galore

Port Barton had swings and hammocks everywhere! There were several along the main beach area, as well as many on the islands we visited on the boat tour.


WeChat Image_20190214171304

WeChat Image_20190214171306

WeChat Image_20190214165048

4. Walk the Beaches

Port Barton has a nice little beach area with lots of restaurants stretched next to it, making it a great place to eat and catch a sunrise or sunset. The beaches on the nearby islands are even better!

WeChat Image_20190214171316

WeChat Image_20190214164937

WeChat Image_20190214171229

5. Eat Eat Eat and Make Friends

We ate at an Italian place called Gorgonzola several times because the food was so good. We also met some great people and had fun hanging at CoCo’s at night.


WeChat Image_20190214165125

WeChat Image_20190214165220

WeChat Image_20190214171325

Visit Port Barton

I spent 3 days in Port Barton which was enough time to see everything and enjoy relaxing in this little town. If you have some extra time and want to get out of El Nido, check it out!

If you’re looking for other things to do in the Philippines, check out The Best Things To Do in El Nido, Palawan and A Guide to Coron: Palawan, Philippines.

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