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Where To Travel In China: China Travel Quiz and Best Destinations To See

China is a huge country with so many amazing places to visit!

What many people may not know is that there is more than just the Great Wall and temples to see here. From beaches and mountains to stunning waterfalls and unique minority cultures, there’s a lot to check off on your China bucket list!

I’ve made this quiz to help give you some ideas of where to travel! Whether you’re a first-time traveler in China or have already been before, choose what kind of experience you’re looking for in China to see which province or locations you should travel to!

Take my Buzzfeed Quiz:

Where Should You Travel in China?


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To see all of my answers and learn more, keep reading below! I’ve broken my answers down into different categories based on foods, activities, and landscapes of China.

**Note: It’s hard to include everything – there are too many amazing places in China and I could not include them all in this quiz! Also these are just some ideas of places to go, and the quiz result may not actually reflect where you should travel 😉


Top Places to Travel in China

  1. The Most Famous and Traditional Sites in China: Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou, or Xi’an
  2. The Spicy West: Sichuan Province or Chongqing
  3. Southern Karst Mountains: Guangxi or Guizhou Province
  4. Explore Cantonese Culture: Guangdong Province
  5. Hike One Of China’s Most Stunning Mountains
  6. Coastal City in China: Sanya, Qingdao, or Xiamen
  7. Explore China’s Minority Groups and Outer Provinces: Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Tibet, or Yunnan
  8. Unique China Experience!


1. The Most Famous and Traditional Sites in China: Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou, or Xi’an

If you want to learn more about Chinese culture, enjoy traditional Chinese food, and see China’s most iconic sites, check out one (or many) of these cities!

  • Hike the Great Wall in Beijing
  • See the Bund in Shanghai
  • Visit the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an
  • Walk around the beautiful West Lake in Hangzhou
  • See the magical canals of Suzhou (called “the Venice of the East”)

These cities are especially great for first time China visitors, but no matter how long you’ve been in China they are still a classic!


great wall1.jpg

2. The Spicy West: Sichuan Province or Chongqing

For those seeking spicy city life in China away from the East, Chongqing and Chendgu are for you! Although both are giant cities, they have a different vibe than other cities and are a bit more relaxed.

Known for their spicy cuisine, you can enjoy famous Sichuan hot pot and other spicy dishes like mapo doufu, visit the baby pandas at the Panda Research Center, explore the vibrant nightlife, enjoy the mountainous scenery, and also see nearby places like Emeishan and Leshan Big Buddha.

Check out my guide for visiting Chongqing: Chongqing City Travel Guide: Where To Stay and Top Things To Do




3. Southern Karst Mountains: Guangxi or Guizhou Province

The famous karst landscapes of southern China are calling to you! These mountains are an outdoor lover’s paradise – you can hike, bike, raft, and even para-sail around the scenery here.

Yangshuo is perhaps the most well-known city to visit to see this kind of landscape, but all of the Guangxi and Guizhou provinces are covered in mountainous terrain and offer stunning views of waterfalls and rivers, as well as many rice terraces. You can also see how Moutai is made, which is a famous kind of rice wine in China!


4. Explore Cantonese Culture: Guangdong Province

Guangdong Province is famous for its Cantonese culture! This special province has a unique Cantonese language, and its own food and traditions.

  • You can see the Canton Tower in Guangzhou, try some dimsum, and also go to the Chimelong Paradise Amusement Park!
  • Then take a trip to Shenzhen, China’s mega tech city with beautiful beaches, mountains, and city life.

Whether you’re looking for nightlife, sports games, music events, classic Cantonese culture, or natural scenery, you can find all that in Guangdong. And as a bonus, Hong Kong is just across the border!


canton tower.jpg


5. Hike One Of China’s Most Stunning Mountains

China has many beautiful mountains to hike that are famous world-wide!

  • In Anhui you’ll find Huangshan (the Yellow Mountains), which looks like a Chinese painting.
  • In Hunan Province you’ll find Zhangjiajie National Park, where the Avatar Mountains are.
  • And in Shanxi Province you can hike one of the most dangerous mountains – Huashan. Walk the plank walk here if you dare!

All of these mountains are surrounded by beautiful villages and World Heritage sites as well, so after you hike you can enjoy the scenery. For other mountain ideas check out Emeishan and Mount Tai.



6. Coastal City in China: Sanya, Qingdao, or Xiamen

For beach vibes and seafood galore, visit the Shandong, Fujian, or Hainan Provinces of China.

  • Qingdao, Shandong is the home to the Tsingtao Brewery, which you must drink while visiting!
  • Hainan has the stunning Sanya beaches and is considered the Hawaii of China.
  • Fujian has the beautiful coastal city Xiamen, and also special Tulou buildings, an ancient structure unique to Fujian.

sanya beach 1.jpg

7. Explore China’s Minority Groups and Outer Provinces: Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Tibet, or Yunnan

While all these provinces are vastly different from one another and located in different parts of China, there’s one thing for sure: If you’re seeking a totally different experience in China, these provinces are the place to look.

  • Yunnan has the beautiful cities of Lijiang, Kunming, and Dali, and incredible food that’s very unique to China.
  • Go horseback riding in Inner Mongolia and hear the traditional throat singing.
  • Visit Xinjiang and see the unique minority groups in the west of China.
  • Or visit Tibet, and learn more about Tibetan culture and Buddhism.


WeChat Image_20190910154413.jpg

8. Unique China Experience!

Calling all daredevils and adventurous folk! If you’re looking for a more unique experience in China and don’t care where it’s at, check out these crazy and exciting activities and places taking place all around China!

Camp on the Great Wall: What’s better than hiking on the wall? Watching the sunset and sunrise on it of course! Alternatively, you can attend one of the many music festivals here in the summer (like Yin Yang Music Festival) or run one of the marathons!

Harbin Ice Festival: Every winter the gloriously cold city of Harbin has a beautiful Ice Festival. You can feel the Russian Influences in the architecture, food, and people here.

Bungee Jumping: Did you know you can bungee jump all around China!? For the highest drop go to Shanghai or Macau!

Huashan: Known as one of the most dangerous mountains in the world! You can do the plank walk where you are strapped to the cliff side and need to cross the narrow planks!

Small villages: If you’re not afraid to travel to smaller villages in the middle of nowhere and meet some local people, try these villages: Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village, Heshun Town, Chengyang Village, and Wuyuan Village.

There are a variety of other festivals, shows, villages and events in China that are perfect for the adventurer. Also check out Dragon Burn, China’s Burning Man!


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Where To Travel In China

No matter where you travel in China, you’re sure to be amazed by the incredible people and places you encounter here. If it’s your first time visiting China, check out my 10 Tips For Your First Trip to China!

Also read about some of my other favorite trips I’ve taken in China:





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