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Pingyao Ancient City Travel Guide

Welcome to the ancient city of Pingyao! Located in the Shanxi Province of China, Pingyao is an ancient town well known for its traditional architecture and being the site of China’s first bank.

I recently took a trip to visit Pingyao and the Mianshan mountain nearby. It was an awesome long weekend trip to take from Beijing! Our group consisted of an American, a Frenchman, a Malaysian, a South African, an Indonesian, 2 Chinese girls, and 2 Spaniards and we had a great time.

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How To Get To Pingyao

Pingyao has a a high speed train station, regular train station, and a coach (bus) station. You can also reach Pingyao by plane if you fly to the the Taiyuan Airport, and then take a train or bus to Pingyao from there.

The regular train station is located just outside the ancient town, which makes it very convenient. The ancient town is the best place to stay in Pingyao, as it’s close to all the main attractions and museums.


Things To Do in Pingyao China

Pingyao’s famous history, ancient traditional architecture, and outdoor attractions make it a fantastic destination. Here are some of the top things to do in Pingyao.

1. See the Pingyao City Tower

The most iconic image of Pingyao is the City Tower. You’ll see this building in the middle of the ancient town. It’s a popular photo spot and the most famous site to see in Pingyao!

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2. Walk on the Pingyao Ancient City Wall 

The Pingyao city wall was originally built more than 2,000 years ago. It surrounds the ancient city and is a nice to walk around on for a few hours.

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3. Try Shanxi Cuisine

Every province in China will have its own specialty dishes to try! Shanxi Cuisine is well-known for noodles (especially daoxiao), fried flatbread, and dishes with a sour flavour. The dishes are also very vinegary as there is a special vinegar made in the area.

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4. Visit Mianshan: Mian Mountain

An hour outside of Pingyao is the famous Mian Mountain. There are over 360 scenic spots to visit on the mountain site and would take 2 days to visit everything. You can make a one day trip from Pingyao and choose some of the more famous parts.

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  5. Make Local Friends

Traveling is always better when you get to make friends and meet local people. We met so many friendly people while walking around the city and at KTV at night (of course!)

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Visit Pingyao in the Shanxi Province 

Pingyao has it all – ancient Chinese history, adventurous mountain hikes, and delicious northern Chinese food. I highly recommend taking a trip here to see the city and surrounding area of Pingyao. 

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  1. Mianshan looks amazing. I didn’t do that when I was in Pingyao but I really want to go back now and see it. Pingyao was a great place to visit, such a cool, historic place. I loved walking the city walls


  2. Wow! It looks like an incredible trip to a lesser known old city in China! (Or at least, I haven’t heard about it before). The city wall reminds me of Xi’An and the mountain looks surreal!


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