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The Best Instagram Spots in Chongqing

Chongqing is a megacity in central China that offers impressive mountain scenery and city views! It’s a photographer’s dream, with plenty of famous scenic spots as well as some hidden gems that will definitely delight and impress your artistic eye.

I recently spent 3 days in Chongqing, walking, hiking, and taxiing all around the giant city in search of the best photo spots. Traveling isn’t all about the gram, but why not  have both a great trip and a great feed? 😉

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Top Instagram Locations in Chongqing

  1. Hongya Cave (Hongyadong)
  2. Zhonngshuge Bookstore
  3. Hong’en Daoist Temple 鸿恩寺公园
  4. Chongqing Bridges
  5. Guanyuemiao temple
  6. Eling Park

For more details about visiting Chongqing, check out my Chongqing City Travel Guide: Where To Stay and Top Things To Do

1. Hongya Cave (Hongyadong)

Hongyadong is a large-scale stilt house complex built alongside a steep clip on the bank of the Jialing River. Located in the center of Chongqing near Jiefangbei area, it’s the top photo spot in Chongqing, especially at night.




2. Zhongshuge Bookstore

This bookstore in Chongqing is famous for it’s beautiful ladder hall. The ceilings are covered in mirrors to make the whole room feel like a giant maze or optical illusion!


3. Hong’en Daoist Temple 鸿恩寺公园

The Hong’en Temple is a beautiful temple to see in Chongqing! As a bonus the park is not a commonly visited place in Chongqing, so you won’t run into many people here.




4. Chongqing Bridges

Because Chongqing is between the Yangzte River and the Jialing River, the city is surrounded by bridges everywhere. This creates a unique and very beautiful cityscape to photograph. You’ll find great view points all over the city, from Nanbinlu to Nanshan.

WeChat Image_20200125121527

WeChat Image_20200125130456

5. Guanyuemiao Temple

This is a group of several temples together, but the most famous one to photograph is located at the very back. Featuring a unique Yin Yang symbol in the middle, there are some beautiful photos you can take here.

WeChat Image_20200125134329

6. Eling Park

Eling Park is located behind Liziba Metro Station and offers a great 360 view of Chongqing city!

WeChat Image_20200125174751

7. Hong’en Daoist Temple (Night)

I had to put this temple on here again because the night time here is something else! At night the whole temple lights up and is one of the most stunning temples I’ve seen in China.

WeChat Image_20200125142352

WeChat Image_20200125141702

Best Instagram Spots in Chongqing

These are just some of my favorite photo spots in Chongqing. The city itself is huge, and I’m sure you’ll find even more beautiful sites for taking photos! For more information about visiting Chongqing, check out my 3 Day Chongqing Itinerary: Best Things To See in 72 Hours.

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