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Bungee Jumping at Longqing Gorge

Two hours outside of Beijing is the Longqing Gorge, a beautiful scenic area where you can hike, boat, and BUNGEE JUMP.  Bungee Jumping has been on my bucket list for a long time, so I was ecstatic to finally try it here in China!

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Longqing Gorge Bungee Jumping

Before Jumping: You’ll pay the fee and they will take your weight. Once you’re up on the platform they taped my shoes to my ankles and also taped my shirt so it wouldn’t fall down. Afterwards they put hooks around my ankles and attached the bungee cord to the hooks.

Cost: 260 RMB 

Taking Videos: You can’t bring your phone or anything with you up to the jumping point, but for 30 RMB extra you can give your phone to the bungee operators and one of them will take a video of you from the top when you jump. We also had some friends who stood at the bottom of the cliff and also from a different watching point and took videos for us.

Jumping: You’ll either fall forwards or backwards. If you go backwards the bungee operator will hold your hands while you face him, lean you back, then drop you. He didn’t ask which way we wanted to fall – I think he decided randomly.

I fell forwards which was TERRIFYING, but it was also nice to see where I was falling to. The bungee jump itself last last less than a minute, with several bounces up and down. It was scary and thrilling and so completely worth doing!!!

I’ve compiled the videos of the different view points of me jumping here:

Go Bungee Jumping at Longqing Gorge!

If you’re an adrenaline junkie or just looking for a new experience to try in China, you should definitely go bungee jumping at Longqing Gorge! While you’re there you can also go hiking, boating, and take a cable car up the mountains.

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