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Americans In China: China Plus Video Interviews

In June 2020 I collaborated with China Plus on a variety of video interview projects. China Plus News shares all about China’s people, traditions, culture, politics and more.

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Americans in China: Rachel Meets China

China Plus run a video series called Americans In China. They interviewed me for another video in this series and asked me to share about my travel brand Rachel Meets China. Travel blogging in China has been a passion of mine for almost 5 years now, and it was so fun to talk more about my experiences and share video clips of my travels around China.

Watch on Youtube: China Plus


”I planned to come to China for one year and five years later here I am. It’s been amazing to travel around a lot and see more. I’ve lived in three different cities now, and I’ve traveled to over 30 different places, big cities, small cities, mountains, villages, all of that in between.” – Rachel Weiss

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China Plus America Livestream

I had a great time being interviewed by China Plus America on June 29, 2020. We discussed some of my favorite travel experiences in China, why I started my travel blog Rachel Meets China, and what Beijing has been like during the coronavirus.

Watch the Livestream on Facebook



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Rachel Meets China Media Collaborations

I had a great time sharing more about my experiences living and traveling in China! Check out some of my other Media Collaborations:


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