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Exploring Wuhan Cherry Blossoms During Spring

In March of 2021 I took a trip to Wuhan for a week long work trip to film a series of videos exploring how the city and people have changed in the last year.

Spring is without a doubt the best time to visit Wuhan because of the cherry blossoms all around the city. Cherry blossoms have become a huge symbol of the city because of their famous cherry blossom viewing sites. There are many other wonderful foods, places, and people to meet in Wuhan, so here is a little glimpse into my week there in 2021.

Just a note: traveling in China has been allowed since last summer, due to minimized COVID-19 cases. There are still safety measures in place, such as temperature checks and masks required at public places and on public transportation. We also need to show a Green Health Code on the special China health code app in WeChat and Alipay.

Top Things to Do in Wuhan

1. Visit East Lake – MoShan Park

The city of Wuhan is actually known as the “city of one hundred lakes” because of all the lakes dotted around the city, and the East Lake is the largest of them all right smack dab in the center. It’s a beautiful place to walk, bike, or take a boat ride to enjoy nature. There are many shops inside if you would like to stop for lunch or a snack (there are many KFCs as well…hahaha).

One of the most popular spots to visit is the Moshan Park inside, which is a giant sakura cherry blossom garden. Every spring visitors will flock here to take photos and soak in the beauty. You can also rent a hanfu to dress up in the flowers (why not!) Take a bike ride around the lake afterwards to enjoy the vibes and escape the crowds!

2. Eat Breakfast in Wuhan

In Wuhan there is a local saying: “guo zao” which means to have breakfast. Breakfast is a way of life here, which specialty breakfast dishes that are eaten on the go. You’ll see people grab their breakfast and head off, walking to work or to their next appointment. It’s quite a fun thing to watch, and the must try breakfast food is of course reganmian!

Reganmian are “hot and dry” noodles that are famous for their sesame paste flavor. These are quick and easy to eat and quite filling!

You should also try the doupi, which is a special layered breakfast dish. The outside skin is made of egg and flour, and the inside is filled with bamboo shoots, mushrooms, and many other fillings. Besides this, there are many other delicious Wuhan breakfast foods and snacks to try!

3. Visit Wuhan University (Wuhan Daxue)

Wuhan University is another famous spot to visit in the city. It’s not only an old historical university and well-known in China, but is also very scenic. There is a famous “Yinghua Dadao” or Cherry Blossom Avenue to visit here. During spring, this avenue is filled with people coming to see the cherry blossoms! There are restrictions on the number of people who could visit when I cam here, so check in advance if there are special tickets you need to get in advance.

4. Zhiyinhao River Cruise

The mighty Yangzte River runs right through Wuhan city, and is a fantastic place to see during the day and night. There is a famous river cruise called Zhiyinhao you should try. It’s a cruise with actors and performers who are part of a 1920s ship sailing to a new place. Each character has their own storyline and hopes and dreams for their new life. You watch them sing and dance, then explore the ship and wander into different rooms to meet new characters. While it’s all in Chinese, I still had a fantastic time being immersed in the performance and of course enjoinyg the night time views on the boat.

5. Meet the Yangzte River Swimmers in Wuhan

There is a special tradition that man local Wuhan people do every day: swimming across the Yangzte River, no matter the season or temperature. If you go down in the early morning to the Yangzte River by the first Wuhan bridge you can meet the swimmers and witness their morning swim.

Visit Wuhan in the Spring

These are just a few of the many wonderful things to do and see in Wuhan! I highly recommend taking a trip to the city, which is very different than the last year.

Have you been to Wuhan? Let me know in the comments below!


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