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A Day Trip to the Beijing UFO Glass Platform

The Beijing UFO Glass Platform is a sightseeing platform located in the Pinggu District of Beijing. Hanging 32.8 meters out from the cliff and 400 meters above the cliff floor, visitors have the thrilling opportunity to walk out in the open air.

The Beijing UFO Glass Platform is a sightseeing platform located in the Pinggu District of Beijing. Hanging 32.8 meters out from the cliff and 400 meters above the cliff floor, visitors have the thrilling opportunity to walk out in the open air.

During the May Holiday this year I wanted to find a hiking day trip near Beijing and this UFO glass sightseeing platform fit the bill perfectly. We packed our bags and set off for a day trip to walk in the sky and explore this futuristic UFO structure!

How to Get to the Beijing UFO Glass Platform in Shilinxia

The Beijing UFO SkyWalk is located in the Shilinxia Scenic Area (石林峡), or the Stone Forest Gorge. While still technically in Beijing, it is on the far eastern outskirts and feels totally different from the city center.

I booked this day trip through CET, a travel group that organizes trips from Beijing. It took around 2 hours to drive from Beijing city center to get to the eastern Pinggu District of Beijing. I recommend going with a group trip like this, as it’s very affordable and convenient for travel.

You can also plan your own transportation by taking a taxi or Didi, or taking a public bus. You can take the public bus 852 for 16 RMB from Dongzhimen Transportation Hub for Pinggu District. Once you arrive at the Pinggu District Bus Terminal, then you change for the local bus No.25 for the Pinggu Stone Forest Gorge or Valley. Read more here: Tips for Visiting the Glass Sightseeing Platform in Pinggu Beijing.

Chinese Name: 石林峡飞碟玻璃观景台

Buying a Ticket for UFO Glass Sightseeing Platform

There are a few tickets you need to buy to see the park, and optional cable car tickets you can buy.

  • The entrance fee for the Shilinxia Scenic Area is 78 RMB, and children under 1.2 meters are free of charge.
  • Entry fee for the UFO glass platform inside Shilinxia Scenic Area is 40 RMB
  • Cable Car (one way) is 100 RMB
  • Opening hours: 8:30 – 17:30 (closed in winter season)

Hiking to the Shilinxia UFO Glass Platform

There are multiple ways to reach the top of the mountain to see the Beijing Glass Sightseeing Platform: a cable car up the front of the mountain, a cable car up the side, hiking the entire way, or a combination of these. It depends on how much time you want to spend and how energetic you’re feeling.

  1. First Cable Car (Near the Entrance): The first cable car takes you up the front of the mountain and nearly to the top. From there, you still have a 20-30 minute hike up some stairs to reach the UFO platform.
  2. Second Cable Car: Alternatively, you can choose to hike part of the way (around 30-45 minutes) up to the second cable car. This cable car goes up the side of the mountain nearly to the top.
  3. Hiking Up The Entire Way: Lastly, you can hike up the entire way. It’s a beautiful hike and you’ll get to enjoy more of the mountain scenery and waterfalls.

Because we went during the May Day holiday, the mountain was very crowded and packed with tourists. The cable car from the bottom was an hour wait time at least, so we chose to hike the entire way to enjoy the scenery and avoid standing in line.

It took about 2 hours total for us to hike up from the bottom, including stopping time for lunch and waiting in some crowded parts. You could also take one cable car up and then take the other one down, if you wanted to have a variety of views and mix in more hiking in the Shilinxia Scenic Area.

The ending of the front entrance cable car. From here you will still hike up 20-30 minutes.
The ending of the second cable car.

Shilinxia Scenic Area Waterfalls

We were very glad we hiked up the entire way, because we were able to visit this famous colorful waterfall pool. If you take the front cable car up and down, you completely miss it, which is a shame because it was actually my favorite part of the entire hike.

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Beijing Shilinxia UFO Glass Skywalk

After 2 hours of hiking we reached the UFO platform! You’ll need to wait in line and give your ticket to enter the glass platform area, then you’ll put shoe covers on. Finally you can step onto the platform and walk in the air!

It reminded me of other glass bridges in China I’ve hiked on before, like Tianmen Mountain in Zhangjiajie. If you have a fear of heights this may not be the best trip for you, but challenge yourself to try it! We had lots of fun walking around, peering at the world down below.

Tips for Visiting the Beijing UFO Glass Platform:

Avoid Public Holidays! Like most public places and scenic attractions in China, this Beijing glass skywalk was extremely crowded here during the Labor Day holiday. We had to queue even for parts of the hike, which was a bit frustrating, but to be expected. We still had a great day, but to make the most of it and enjoy the views without the crowds, go during a normal weekend.

Pack a lunch and bring water up! At the bottom there are some little shops to buy water and snacks, but once you’re hiking there aren’t many places to buy water, just a few vending machines that you need WeChat pay or Alipay to buy. To be safe, pack enough for the trek up and down.

Traveling during the holidays in China is no joke!

Take a Trip to the UFO Glass Skywalk in Beijing

If you’re looking for a unique day trip outside of Beijing, the Beijing UFO Glass platform is a great option to see. You’ll get plenty of thrills walking on the glass platform and can enjoy the beauty of nature in the mountains.

Have you been to this UFO Glass Platform or another glass bridge in China? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Great guide from a great guide. China is a big country but still I’m amazed at the number of modern attractions, many glass-bottomed.


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