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5 Beautiful Places To See Autumn Leaves in Beijing

Autumn is a glorious (yet short-lived) time in Beijing. Before the brutal Beijing winter hits, many of us Beijingers will be outside to soak in the autumn weather and find the best places to see autumnal leaves in Beijing. This is my fourth year to experience autumn in Beijing, and every year I try to find a special area or beautiful site to check out the fall colors!

If you’re like me and asking yourself, Where can I see autumn leaves in Beijing? Hopefully this list will help you!

1. Fayuan Temple in Beijing

This may not be the most well-known place to go, which is a win because there won’t be many crowds! I had a lovely afternoon here in 2018 exploring the temple area and the big group of autumn leaves outside the temple. There are also lots of cats here, so it’s often called the Cat Temple. Read my full post about the Fayuan Temple here: The Fayuan Temple in Beijing: Autumn Leaves & Cats.

2. Ditan Park in Beijing

Ditan Park is a favorite for locals in the Lama Temple area because of the famous Gingko Autumn Avenue. I lived very close to this park for 2 years and it always brings back lovely memories. It’s great during any season, but especially during autumn the beautiful tree lined paths turn bright yellow and orange, and other Beijing photographers will come out to take photos here. I took these photos in 2020, but every year these bright fall colors come out.

Address: 地坛公园银杏大道

3. Badaling Great Wall in Beijing

Most sections of the Great Wall are really stunning during the fall season as the whole mountain landscape changes from green to yellow and orange and red. I went to Badaling Great Wall in 2019 and had a wonderful day hiking with friends and snapping pics of the autumn weather! Badaling National Park right nearby is supposed to be nice, but I haven’t been.

I’ve been to the Great Wall more than 14 times at 6 different sections! Check out my about Which Section of the Great Wall Is Best To Visit?

4. Guluo Hutongs in Beijing

If you’re just wanting to enjoy a stroll in the center of Beijing and see what autumn sites you stumble upon, a walk through the Guluo Hutongs near Shichahai Lake is a great place to visit. The trees create a colorful frame over the narrow hutong streets, and the fall leaves will line the floors.

Address: Nearby 钟鼓楼; Zhōnggǔlóu

5. Other Places To See Fall Foliage in Beijing

There are obviously many more places to view the autumn leaves in Beijing, but the ones listed above are placed I have personally experienced and would recommend. You can also visit many of Beijing’s scenic parks and colorful streets:

  • Fragrant Hills Park (香山 xiāngshān)
  • Badaling National Forest Park 八达岭森林公园
  • Sanlitun Dong Wujie(三里屯 东五街 sānlǐtún dōng wǔjiē)
  • Check out this list by China Highlights of the 8 Most Beautiful Places to See Fall Colors in Beijing to see more!

The best part is that Beijing has many really wonderful places around the city to see autumn colors! Take a stroll around and see what you find during the fall season. Make sure you go before mid-November, as many of the leaves will have changed by then.

Where To See Autumn in Beijing

Hope you’ve enjoyed this short list of my autumn experiences in Beijing! Where else would you go to see autumn colors in Beijing? Let me know in the comments below!

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