2021 featured Hubei

Enshi Pingshan Grand Canyon in Hubei 屏山峡谷

The Enshi Pingshan Grand Canyon is an astounding landmark that combines both natural scenery and historical culture of Hubei Province. I visited Pingshan in October 2021 while filming an episode for a Hubei Travel documentary and was astounded by the colorful and clear water, and beautiful lush vegetation growing on the cliffs.

*Note There is a similar sounding canyon called ZhangYe PingShanHu Grand Canyon 平山湖大峡谷 in Gansu Province, but it’s completely different than this one.

You need to descend down 666 steps to get into the lower canyon area. The cliffs rise up high above you, and sunlight streams down creating lovely light reflections and refraction. The most popular thing to do here is to take a boat ride through the canyon to experience the scenery. I was able to dress in a traditional Tujia/Miao clothing while here, which added a really fun element to this trip.

I just wanted to share a few photos and videos from my trip here!

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