Qiantong Ancient Town in Ningbo

Qiantong Ancient Town (前童古镇) is a collection of old folk houses and streets located in Southwest Ninghai County, of Ningbo, Zhejiang. The folk houses in this ancient town were originally built during the Ming and Qing dynasties in south China.

The ancient town itself is quite small, and can easily be walked through in just a few hours. It’s much less commercial than Wuzhen and Lijiang Old Town, but definitely gives some of those same vibes. It’s a perfect day trip to check out from Ningbo, especially for taking photos and strolling around.

Along the main street is a little two story coffee shop (it’s next to some lanterns, and since the town isn’t big you will easily find it). Inside they had two little cats, and a cozy upstairs!

As I was here on a work trip, I sadly didn’t have too much time for really taking some masterful pics (haha!). But I still enjoyed strolling around and taking a few.

It’s definitely worth a trip to come and enjoy the leisurely life in Qiantong Ancient Town! Here are a few other ancient towns in China I visited and really loved:

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  1. Hope you are doing well in China. I have been living in Ningbo, my second hometown, for more than 25 years. More beautiful sites here are to be explored. It is a city of culture and a gateway to the world.


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