Autumn Themed Café in Beijing: Day Off Dreamers House

If you’re looking for a place to soak up more autumn vibes in Beijing but also don’t want to stand outside in the cold, Day Off Dreamers is the perfect place to go.

Located in the eastern part of Beijing, this café is usually summer themed with sand and surfboards, but is redecorated during October and November with fun autumn leaves, hay bales, and pumpkin decorations. It is a bit of a trek from the city center of Beijing, but worth it for the fun experience.

They also have a specialty drink and cake menu featuring persimmons, chestnuts, and pumpkins. Persimmons are quite popular during autumn time in China, even more so than pumpkin flavored items.

I got an iced Chestnut Latte and a small pumpkin cheesecake for 116 RMB ($16.50). It’s very pricy compared to a usual coffee/cake price, but hey, it’s for the full fall experience right?

Search on Dianping: 半日造梦馆 Day Off Dreamer

If you live in China and aren’t using Dianping you’re missing out on all the great food, drink, activity, and other recommendations! This is where people share everything.

During summer the cafe usually looks like this with summer themed drinks:

Overall it was a fun experience to try with my friends this year! Happy Autumn to you all and hope you’re enjoying your fall wherever you are!

See more of my favorite Beijing autumn things:

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