Hi I’m Rachel!

A twenty-something American living in China for 5 years

 I first came to China in August 2015 after I graduated from university. I was an English teacher at the University of South China in Hengyang in the Hunan province and taught some of the funniest and most wonderful freshman and sophomore students.

I planned to stay for a year then head back to the states…but China got a hold of me. I taught university students in Hengyang for one more year then moved to Guangzhou in 2017 to teach the cutest kindergarten students. In August 2018 I moved to Beijing, the capital city of China and my current China home!

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Why Rachel Meets China?

I’ve always loved sharing stories and taking photos – growing up I was always scribbling in journals and snapping pics of people and places around me. I decided to choose a major related to those passions at university and studied Public Relations and communications in the U.S. During that time I also studied abroad in Greece for a semester and found I really loved the experience of living abroad.

I wanted to live in a foreign country again, so after graduating I decided to teach in China for a year…or so I thought 😉 Once I moved to China I wanted to share my experiences with people, so I started this blog and began sharing my photos on Instagram.

China has totally turned my world and perspective upside down. Life here is brilliant and bizarre and at times challenging, and it’s filled with incredible travel adventures and the most amazing people. I love sharing about life in China and write posts all about teaching ESL in China, tips for living abroad, guides for traveling, special experiences and events in China, and also just day-to-day life here.


Check Out Some Of My Posts

Curious about life and traveling in China? Start here:

Thinking about teaching in China? Check out these posts about teaching English and my students:

And here are some of my favorite places I’ve traveled around Asia:

fave chinese ladies
Hanging out with my new Chinese galpals next to the Forbidden City


“If you want to step outside your comfort zone, go skydiving. If you want to forget you ever had a comfort zone, buy a ticket to China.”

Living and working here is exciting and challenging – some days are spent traveling and trying new things, and a lot of other days are spent  communicating with mostly Chinese people. I love sharing my experiences teaching and living abroad here on my blog and other social media platforms.

Follow along for more tips on living and teaching in China, a closer look at the beautiful people and places I’ve encountered abroad, or just a laugh at the ups and downs of navigating life in a foreign country.


Here’s one of my videos about a day in my life as a kindergarten teacher:

“The one thing I know about China is I will never know China; it’s too big, too old, too diverse. Thats the joy of China, the certain knowledge that even if I dedicated my life to learning about China, I die mostly ignorant.” – Anthony Bordain

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  1. Nice to meet you Rachel! My BF lived in China for several years, as a teacher, so I hear about all his crazy experiences from him. But one day I’d like to visit! Maybe even live there. I don’t know!

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  2. While the details vary, our paths have been incredibly similar! We even arrived in China in the same month! I’m happy to read about your experiences – and am jealous to see what you’ve accomplished on this blog! Making my own happen has been a nightmare of my own making (thanks, procrastination and indecision …). Will be eager to read more!

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  3. Hi Rachel, I was referred to your site by John’s Space (https://fairplay740.wordpress.com/). I am from Beijing and am so glad to read about your experience in China. All those negative politics aside, I really think China is one country that’s been under appreciated. I love the quotes here. Reading your posts make me homesick. Hope you are doing well there. Brace young woman!


    1. Hi, thank you so much for visiting my site! I’ve been in Beijing for 3 years now and love it. Such a vibrant city with so much culture! And I agree with you about negative politics and media bias. I hope people will look more at the people and human elements.

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