Spring Flowers at Beihai Park in Beijing

Beihai Park 北海公园 is a staple in the Beijing park scene. It’s centrally located right in the heart of Beijing, just north of Jingshan Park and the Forbidden City. It’s a former imperial garden that was first built in the 11th century, and is among the largest of all Chinese gardens.

I’ve been to Beihai many times since I moved here in 2018 – for solo photo trips, for long slow afternoon walks, and also with friends to pass an afternoon. It’s perfect whether you want a little piece of nature in the busy Beijing city, want to go boating on the lake, or want a glimpse of local Chinese people dancing and doing tai chi.

I went back again last week to soak in the spring sunshine and check out the peach blossoms at the top of the hill! Here are some of the photos I took of the spring flowers at Beihai Park – in my favorite pink spring dress I wore in Wuhan last year, of course 😉

And of course…it’s now warm enough to eat the “Beihai Park Icecream.” At many of the famous Chinese tourist spots you’ll see they are attracting more visitors with themed snacks that reflect the famous sites. I chose the strawberry flavored ice cream.

Happy Spring time everyone! I’ll be out and about chasing down more spring blossoms, so stay tuned. Where are your favorite places to see spring flowers?

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