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The Best Instagram Spots in Beijing

It’s almost impossible to visit Beijing and not take hundreds of photos! Beijing is chock-full of colorful temples, narrow alleys, old shops, and amazing scenery –  so no matter what kind of photography you enjoy, there’s something in Beijing you’ll want to snap.

Since moving here two months ago, I’ve had the chance to explore some of the more well-known sites in Beijing and snap some pics. If you’re also looking for beautiful places in Beijing to take photos, here are 8 of the Best Instagram Spots in Beijing.


Jingshan Park

Right across from the Forbidden City is a lovely imperial garden called Jingshan Park.  For just a 10RMB entrance fee, you can get a fantastic overview of the Forbidden City and also watch the elderly Chinese people practice taichi, square dance, and play jianzi. Sunrise and sunset are especially nice here!

WeChat Image_20181022123639.jpg

The Great Wall

When you come to Beijing, visiting the Great Wall is a must! You can’t pass on seeing one of the 7 Modern Wonders of the World. Whether you visit a popular section like Badaling or Mutianyu, or explore a wilder side like Jinshanling or Simatai, you”re sure to get stunning shots of China’s ancient wall and the surrounding mountains. Try not to go on a holiday and make sure you get there early for the best photos!

See more photos from my trips to the Badaling Section, the Jinshanling Section, and the Simatai Section of the Great Wall!


The Summer Palace

A famous getaway for Chinese Emperors in the past, the Summer Palace is a popular destination in Beijing because of its historical significance and architectural beauty. If you have a free morning or afternoon, visit the Summer Palace and take some shots of the the colorful temples, bridges, corridors, and flowers here!

Want to take a trip here? Read my 5 Tips For Visiting the Summer Palace

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Yonghegong – Lama Temple

The Lama Temple is one of Beijing’s most popular temples to visit. It’s easy to reach by metro and absolutely stunning because of how colorful and intricate it is! I met the cutest little boy when I was taking photos here. He jumped onto the step here and I asked his grandparents if it was okay to take a photo – they said yes, and I’m super glad they did 🙂

WeChat Image_20180824161827.jpg

The Forbidden City

Another iconic site in Beijing, the Forbidden City can’t be skipped!

forbidden city1

Tip! If you don’t have the chance to go inside the Forbbiden City, you can still get some great shots of the moat and turrets surrounding it on the northern wall. Check out some of my other favorite places to take photos of the Forbidden City.

wechat image_20181202114748

Beijing Olympic Stadium – Bird’s Nest

If you have time, you should check out the 2008 Beijing Olympic Stadium! Famous for it’s unique architectural structure, the Bird’s Nest makes a great subject or backdrop for photos.

(Also, who else is pumped for the 2022 Olympics here? It’s on my bucket list to watch the Olympics in real life – maybe it’ll happen in Beijing!)


The Hutongs

If you’ve ever been to Beijing, you’ve probably heard about the hutongs here. The hutongs (胡同) are a collection of little winding alleys and streets formed around courtyards, and they’re a special part of the history and culture in Beijing.

There are lots of lively hutongs all over Beijing with music bars and little shops in them, and there’s also more traditional hutongs where local Beijingren live. It’s fun to get lost in the alleys or try the food here!

I just looked for an apartment in a Beijing hutong which was an interesting experience!


The Temple of Heaven

My very first day after moving to Beijing I was inspired to come here – The Temple of Heaven is definitely one of my favorite places in Beijing. It’s gorgeous and there’s so many creative shots you can get here! I went really early in the morning right when it first opened and was lucky enough to beat the crowds and make sure no one else was in my shot.

WeChat Image_20180811090532.jpg

The Best Beijing Instagram Spots

These are just a few of the best (and most well-known) places to take photos in Beijing! Some of my other favorite places include the 798 Art District, Beihai Park, and Houhai Lake. I’m still pretty new to Beijing and look forward to finding more sites to take photos, like the Gubei Water Town and Fragrant Hills Park.

WeChat Image_20181022123630.jpg
A temple by Houhai Lake

What are your favorite places to take photos in Beijing? Any other spots I should add to my list?

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