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Writing and photography have always been two passions of mine. Before moving to China in 2015 I graduated with a bachelor degree in Public Relations and Mass Communications. After moving to China, I wanted to combine my experience writing with my love for traveling and started Rachel Meets China to share my experiences with others.

Below is a portfolio of writing, photography, media events, and social media collaborations I have done with many brands in the following forms:

  • Featured Articles and Guest Blog Posts
  • Video Hosting
  • Notable Blog Mentions
  • Media Trips and Collaborations
  • Instagram Story Takeovers
  • Video Livestreams and Interviews

If you would like to work with me for a guest post, sponsored review, or media event, or have another idea, please contact me via email: rweiss@harding.edu.

You can view my media kit at the bottom of the page or download it here: Rachel Meets China Media Kit June 2020.

Featured Articles 

My writing has been featured in various publications. I worked as the Digital Marketing and Social Media Coordinator for Career China and First Leap China in Beijing from 2018 – 2022 where I wrote, edit, and post blogs and other social media content. I also curate and edit content from other expats living in China. You can read some of my articles here:

Guest Blog Posts

I’ve also written and collaborated with other online sites. You can check those out below:

Notable Blog Mentions

Media Collaborations 

China Plus: The Old Masters of China Series (Aug – Nov 2020)

In the Fall 2020 I hosted a video series called The Old Masters of China for China Plus. For the video series we traveled to Gansu, Anhui, and Shandong to interview Chinese masters about their traditional crafts and how they have adapted to modern times.

The series was streamed on multiple Chinese and foreign media platforms, including: Weibo, Facebook, Youtube, and Wechat. It streamed under many CGTN and CRI media channels as well, such as CGTN, Learn Chinese, and China Plus.

China Plus: Americans in China Video Interviews

In June 2020 I collaborated with China Plus on a variety of video interview projects, including a feature interview and a livestream.


Watch the Livestream on Facebook


A Fascinating Night of Huangshan: Ctrip and Shanghai Tourism Department Promotional Event

On August 22, 2019 I was invited to join A Fascinating Night of Huangshan, a promotional event hosted by the Shanghai Tourism Department and Ctrip. I became a Huangshan International Citizen and gave a speech about my experience hiking Huangshan, and also did an Instagram Takeover for LetsLocal. Read more: A Fascinating Night of Huangshan: Ctrip and Shanghai Tourism Department Promotional Event


Ctrip Travel Experience Collaboration: Zunyi, Guizhou

In July 2019 I traveled to Zunyi, Guizhou in China and took part in a Travel Experience in collaboration with Ctrip and the Zunyi Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism. Here’s the article I wrote for the Ctrip site: Travel Experience in Zunyi, Guizhou.

WeChat Image_20190722162645

A Fascinating Night of Zunyi: Ctrip and Shanghai Tourism Department Promotional Event

After my travel experience in Zunyi, I was invited to speak at a Zunyi Promotional Event to celebrate the city and promote future tourism there on November 11, 2019. I gave a presentation about my favorite things from the trip and was presented as a Zunyi Global Ambassador! Read more here: A Fascinating Night of Zunyi: Ctrip Promotional Event for Zunyi in Shanghai

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Beijing Instagram Story Takeover: Partnership with RADII

In July 2020 I took over RADII’s Instagram Stories for a day to show some of my favorite places around Beijing! Follow me from the hutongs and Houhai Lake to the Forbidden City and SOHO Sanlitun.


Best Foods to Try in China: Food Tour with Lost Plate Food Tours

Lost Plate Food Tours invited me to join their new “Flavors of China” restaurant tour in Beijing on December 1, 2019 for a special media event, and I happily (and hungrily) accepted. Lost Plate Food Tours offers specialized food tours in Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, and Xi’an with the goal of introducing you to local flavors and dishes you may have never tried before.

You can watch my Instagram Stories about their Food Tour here and read about my experience with their food tour here: Best Foods to Try in China: Food Tour with Lost Plate Food Tours

chinese food lost plate
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Media Kit

Below is my media kit (updated June 2020). For more information about my social media stats and website traffic, feel free to contact me: rweiss@harding.edu

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