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40+ Best Beijing Cafes, Bars, Rooftops & Brunches 2023

The city of Beijing is renowned for its history, culture, and must-try traditional sights. But wait, there’s more! Beijing is also a very modern city that offers a wide range of cozy bars, Hutong cafes, stunning rooftops, and local breweries.

These cafes, bars, and brunch spots perfectly complement the city’s rich cultural heritage, making Beijing a fascinating destination for travelers looking for a blend of old and new.

Below are 40 bars, coffee shops, and breweries in Beijing that you should try in 2023.

If you’re a first time visitor to Beijing, it’s fun to sprinkle some of these in with the Traditional Things To Do In Beijing. If you’re a long time Beijing lover, frequent visitor, or looking for more international experiences, try to cross off even more of these!

I’ve linked to some of their WeChat accounts below, and you can find more details about these places on Dianping or their Websites.

  1. Hutong Cafes in Beijing
  2. Beijing Hutong Bars
  3. Beijing Brunch Spots
  4. Local Beijing Breweries
  5. Cocktail Bars in Beijing
  6. Beijing Rooftops

This is by no means a complete list of all Beijing has to offer though! Let me know what your other favorite Beijing bars and cafes are.

Photos courtesy of these locations and Dianping users.

Hutong Cafes in Beijing

Beijing Hutong Bars

Beijing Brunch Spots

Local Beijing Breweries

Cocktail Bars in Beijing

  • Atmosphere
  • Confidential
  • ·Tokyo Lounge
  • Capital Spirits
  • Gatsby’s
  • Herbal Bar
  • Catail前苑(前门大街店)
  • INSIDE Bar

Beijing Rooftops

Where ever you end up, happy summer 2023 in Beijing!

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