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My Last Week Teaching Kindergarten in China

Last September my students spoke no English. They needed help changing their clothes, opening their milk, peeling their oranges, and they had to get used to a new routine at school and new friends.

Last September I had very little experience teaching English to kindergartners. I was excited, confused and really overwhelmed.

Now here we are 11 months later.

We’re smiling, we’re laughing, were dancing. We’re saying goodbye.

WeChat Image_20180711120638

It’s been an amazing thing to witness a year of their life, to watch them grow and learn more everyday, little by little. They’ve learned how to change their clothes and peel their oranges. How to get along with others. How to listen during lessons and speak and sing in English.

It’s been awhile since I’ve helped do little things, but this week Amy asked me for help opening her milk and I got a flashback to the first month of school and I’M NOT CRYING NO WAY.

WeChat Image_20180711120741

During our last week together we had a lot of fun playing games and singing, finishing their English books, and reviewing lessons from this semester. It was a special time to remember my year with them and see how far they’ve come. I’m so proud of them all.

I made a little video about my last week with them that you can watch here:

And here’s some photos from this week!

WeChat Image_20180713140515.jpg

WeChat Image_20180711133738.jpg

WeChat Image_20180711121455

Untitled design(1)

WeChat Image_20180620134039

kindergarten collage.png

To be honest I’m a little bit in denial that I just finished my last week with them. It’s just routine to see them everyday Monday – Friday now. It feels like next week I’ll come back to the kindergarten again and I’ll teach them as usual. But our year is finished, and it’s time for the next step.

I love you Small Class 2. Thanks for your sweet smiles and infectious laughter, for hundreds of high fives and hugs, for singing and dancing with me, for teaching me Chinese, for helping me grow as a teacher, for giving me your little hands to hold and for loving me with your big hearts. I’ll always remember my year with you and I wish you all the happiness in the world ❤

WeChat Image_20180713144009.jpg

And thanks to my Chinese co-teachers this year: Dayday, Lily, and Ms. Liu!

WeChat Image_20180713142550.jpg
Got that classic Chinese beauty cam on

Wo Ai Ni Xiao Er Ban!

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kindergarten jpeg.jpg


  1. What an adventure you have had! Teaching and learning with these little ones. And traveling all over the place! You have been such a blessing to so many people. School and abroad. Praise God for your safety duringvall of this. And continued prayer for your next journey

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