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9 Funny Reasons My Kindergarten Students Cried

Working with three and four year olds is so fun. They love to play, to sing, to dance, and get excited over the littlest things. They’re cute and funny and so eager to learn.

But sometimes they cry, from things like disagreements about toys, tripping over their own feet, or not listening to the teachers. They’re learning a lot about the world and how to get along with others, and that’s a lot to take in. I don’t like seeing them sad and upset, and if there’s something I can do to help, of course I will! But there are also times when the tears come and I can’t help but laugh.

Here’s some of the funniest reasons my students have cried

WeChat Image_20170919162635


The best part is her English name is Apple. Apple stole a banana.

WeChat Image_20180510172812.jpg


Vanessa is having a rough day.

WeChat Image_20170919162659


His English name is Simon.

WeChat Image_20170919162707


Maybe he was hungry.

WeChat Image_20180510172136


When I’m a parent I’m going to use this one. Highly effective.

amy in trouble


Peppa Pig is LIFE to these kindergartners.

WeChat Image_20170919162652


Poor Apple again. She cries the most often but also moves on from tears the quickest of any kid I’ve seen.

WeChat Image_20180510172216


Paper Clips are a treasure find.

WeChat Image_20180510172219

I love these little babies so much! Some of these pictures are from last semester and it’s actually really cool to see how much they’ve grown in just a few months. Every day they learn more and more and they’re becoming more independent and thoughtful and developing their own little personalities.

Hopefully there will be even less tears in the future – but part of me still hopes it will happen every now and then, just for a little laugh 😉



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