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People Watching At Baiyun Mountain

I first visited Baiyun Mountain several months ago but didn’t bring my DSLR, so I went back today to take some photos and see how the experience was a second time around.

I took the cable car up and revisited Moxing Summit and the beautiful little wish tunnel and love locks at the top!



WeChat Image_20180722154731

locks 3.jpg

More than taking photos, Baiyun Mountain is a great place for people watching! I really enjoyed seeing families laughing and playing together and hearing other people singing for a special show today.








Visiting a Chinese mountain is a unique experience quite different than visiting mountains in other places. It’s more of a whole family activity, centered less on the physical activity of hiking and being in nature and more on connecting with family and friends in a social environment.

You can take a cable car up the mountain, grab some morning tea, play at a park, eat at a restaurant, and and take lots of photos together. There’s singing and dancing and tai chi. There’s even a McDonald’s at the top! It definitely feels more like an outdoor fair.

cable car

It was a beautiful day to visit Baiyun Mountain again and see some Chinese activities! Does anyone else also like people watching when they travel somewhere? 😀

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wishes smile.jpg


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