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20 China Youtubers to Watch in 2021

One of the best ways to see life up close in China is to watch videos from expats currently living here. These China Youtubers document their daily lives, travel experiences, and cultural encounters in China in 2021. They also offer tips and advice for living as an expat in China.

Follow these 20 Expat Youtubers in China to get an inside look at life abroad here!

There are so many people creating awesome content about living in China, so it’s not a comprehensive list of all the Youtubers in China. This short list contains expats who currently and actively create videos about China for a mostly English-speaking audience in an informative, entertaining, or inspiring way (and mostly non-politically as well). List in no particular order.

Do you have other inspiring and helpful China Youtubers to recommend? Comment below!

1. Blondie in China

Amy is from Australia and has been travelling around China on and off for the last 5 years now. She loves to share her crazy adventures and delicious food finds, and loves to spread positive vibes. *While not in China atm she will be back soon!

2. We Are Nico

In 2017 Nico moved to China and started making videos on YouTube with her husband Jack. Together they produce city guides, travel videos, and cinematic content about their life here in China as well as the rest of Asia and beyond.

3. Rafa Goes Around

Rafael has been living in China for more than 5 years and is currently based in Shenzhen. He creates videos about life as an expat and explores the language, the food, and customs, and also shares about his son.

4. Elevated Trips

Ben has been an adventure travel guide for over 20 years and loves exploring remote mountains and new places. He runs an adventure travel business called Elevated Trips and shares digital media about western China and Tibet.

5. Dettmar

Dettmar is based in Shanghai, shooting everything from tech and travel to Chinese snacks and life in China Q&A’s.

6. Austin in China

Austin is an American expat currently living in Chengdu, China. He has been in and out of China since 2011 and is always on the lookout for the next thing to film and share about his life here. Discover what China is really like from someone who lives here!

7. Alex Absolute

Alex Absolute is a Brit living in China – check out his adventures in Wenzhou, a city in the southeastern Zhejiang Province. He creates videos about Chinese traditions, marriage and family life in China, travel, and more.

8. Lettice Travels

Lettice moved from England in 2016 and has worked as an ESL teacher since. In her first year she taught English at a college in Guizhou province then moved to Beijing to teach at a university (and is where she currently resides still). On her channel she shares information about her life in China, ranging from teaching to food to beauty to side hustle jobs to technology.

9. Journey Miles Away

In 2020 the Miles family started their journey across the world to Shenzhen, China. They wanted to live life on the edge and to experience life on their own terms regardless of what people say. Follow to see their family life and adventures abroad.

10. Jerry Goode

Jerry Goode is the 1st ever YouTube Channel to travel to 668 Cities & Towns in China starting 2021. He doesn’t just show you China, he shows you what it’s feels like here.

11. GarciaFamily4

The Garcias are a family of 4 from the U.S. that recently moved to China for work. They share their family adventures and experiences on their channel in vlog style, from Chinese food and travel to what it’s like raising kids abroad.

12. Rachel Meets China

Since coming to China 5 years ago, Rachel has lived in 3 cities and traveled to 24 Chinese provinces with the goal to see them all. She loves documenting her China travel experiences and enjoys sharing about expat life in China.

13. Lauren’s China Life

Lauren is an American expat who has been living in China since 2015 as an ESL teacher to high school and middle school students. She vlogs about her daily life, teaching ESL, and eating in China as an expat. She shows you a little bit of everything when it comes to expat lifestyle in Beijing, China.

14. Mexicanos en China

Max and Noelia upload every week about living and traveling in China. From trying food and studying Chinese, to traveling around the country and cultural differences between the East and West, they’re an entertaining and informative channel to watch!

15. Aleese Lightyear

Aleese lives in Beijing, China and vlogs about her daily life, her travels, weird Chinese food, and more! She likes to balance tips for living or traveling in China, with just everyday life adventures.

16. Go Yvon

Yvon has lived in China for 10 years! On her channel you will find videos about her life in Beijing and travels all around in China. She also creates content about going green and sustainability.

17. Two Tickets Around the World

James and Keli are from Kansas and currently live in China teaching English. They’ve been to over 15 countries together and document their travels all around China as a couple.

18. The Name is Char

In 2017 Char moved to China and started producing expat guides, travel videos, and teaching content about her life in China. She often shares about her experience studying for the HSK and fun activities she tries with her Chinese boyfriend and his family.

19. John Thomas Abroad

John Thomas is an American currently living in China who loves to share about his experiences, where to travel, and what to eat here in China. Check out his trip to the North Korean border!

20. Terra Food Travel

Ana is a nutritionist who travels around the world. She vlogs about healthy living abroad and cool experiences to try in Shanghai and in China.

Youtubers in China in 2021

Living as an expat an China can be challenging on some days and it’s nice see other people in the same boat as you. Whether you’re looking for travel inspiration, expat advice, or just want to see how other expats in China live, these China Youtubers have great content for you! I’ve also shared this in an Instagram Guide.

China is a huge country and there are so many expats living here! Are there other China Youtubers I should add to this list? Let me know in the comments!

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