How To Get A Medical Health Check in Beijing

As a foreigner in China, you are required to get a medical check up for your visa, especially if it’s your first year working in China. Your employer should give you detailed instructions about how to do this (or will probably accompany you to help), but I wanted to share my recent experience getting a medical check in Beijing as a foreigner in August 2022.

This is not the most exciting travel or cultural post, but I felt it is helpful to hear firsthand experiences of medical processes in China!

Where To Get Your Medical Check in Beijing

I go to the General Administration of Customs (Beijing) International Travel Health Center (Hepingli). Recently this has been the only place for foreigners to go for this health check.

  • Go to the Beijing International Travel Healthcare Center (海关总署国际旅行卫生保健中心) 
  • Address: 20 Hepingli North Road, Dongcheng District (6427 4239) 东城区和平里北街20号办理
  • By subway, you can either take Line 2 to Andingmen or Line 5 to Yonghegong or Hepingxiqiao. 

How To Schedule an Appointment

  • Make an appointment at this website: 
  • Choose Inbound M.E. Appointment button and choose location: ‘Hepingli’.
  • If the website isn’t working, you can also usually show up at 1PM in the afternoon (this has happened recently for many foreigners). Previously you were told to go in the morning, but in my experience I was told to go in the afternoon.

Prepare before you go:

  • Your passport.
  • Approximately RMB 700 in cash (you can also pay with WeChat and Alipay)
  • Your address in Chinese (if you want to have your results mailed to you).
  • Two passport photos.
  • An N95 Mask. I had to buy one outside, as my mask was just a surgical mask.

*Note: These requirements and specifics may change, so check the website for the most updated information.

Cost of Getting Medical Check in China:

I paid 634.50 RMB for the checkup, plus 30 RMB to have the results mailed to me (in 3-4 business days).

So in total, I would bring around 700 RMB ($104 USD) for the checkup. The price has gone up from previous years, so if you come after August 2022 this may have happened.

Tests Included in the Medical Check Up:

  • Blood Test
  • General Clinic (Height, weight, blood pressure, and eyesight)
  • Stomach Ultrasonic (for men too)
  • ECG (Electrocardiogram)
  • X-Ray

Navigating the Check Up

I am always impressed with this medical center in Beijing. I’ve been 3 times now, and it’s easy to understand and navigate. When you register and pay your fee, the admin will give you a paper with a bar code. Go upstairs to the 3rd floor and scan this bar code under the machine. It will start your check in, and tell you where to go next. Instructions are in English (and even speaks out loud so you will hear your name too).

I had a really difficult time getting a medical check for my visa in the US before I came to China, as it was expensive and I had to go to multiple locations and appointments to get these tests done. My first two years when I was in Henyang in the Hunan province were also difficult medical check-wise. It was such a small city that they didn’t frequently help foreigners do the test, so I had to travel to Changsha to do it.

Overall here in Beijing it’s a straightforward process. If there are many people, it could take you an hour or so. I went on a slow day and did it all in around 30 minutes. Also note: For women, you will have women doctors doing your examinations – for the ECG you will need to pull up your shirt, and for the x-ray you will need to remove your bra.

Read more from The Beijinger for other information – but their article is from 2020, so many of these details have changed like the price, making an appointment, etc.

Receiving the Results:

You will get the results in 3-4 business days. They will give you two copies that you will bring to your employer. And of course, contact your employer for any questions and make sure to beware of any changes in the process!

Happy Check Up! (Sunny day in Beijing after my test!)

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  1. Oh wow, that’s a new location!! Last time I had to do this it was miles away in Haidian lol. I had to do it a few times and the first two times there wasn’t even a subway line near there. Then the most recent time there was a subway station (16号线西北旺), but it was still far and took ages to get there. OMG Hepingli that’s so much more convenient!


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