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This was my third Christmas in China, and totally different than previous years! It was fun to do more activities, crafts and songs with my little kindergartners to celebrate the season. Here’s what you should do to celebrate Christmas with your little kiddos:

How to celebrate Christmas in China

Make reindeer hats with your students. And if a kid wants to give a reindeer 4 eyes instead of 2, let him.

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Write letters to Santa and ask your kids what they want for Christmas. Sometimes all you want is a flower and a friend.

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Take lots of pics. 3 year olds are pros at selfies.









Have a snowball fight in class. Get backed into a corner and crouch on the floor in fear for your life.

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Participate in a Kindergarten fashion show and sing Rudolph to 200 kids

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Some of my classes did a gift exchange, played other Christmas games like “put the nose on Rudolph”, and sang Jingle Bells about a million times. They also taught me some Chinese vocab about Christmas:

  • Shengdan kuaile – Merry Christmas
  • Shengdan laoren – Santa
  • Shengdan shu – Christmas tree
  • Xun lu – reindeer
  • Shengdan Jie – Christmas Day
  • Ping an Ye – Christmas Eve (Silent Night)

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Check out more in my December Video update!


Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

Lots of love from China,

Laoshi Ruiqiu (Teacher Rachel)