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A Fascinating Night of Zunyi: Ctrip Promotional Event for Zunyi in Shanghai

On November 11, 2019 I had the honor of being invited to attend A Fascinating Night of Zunyi, a promotional event for the city of Zunyi in the Guizhou Province.

This past July I went on a special travel experience excursion with Ctrip to visit Zunyi as a foreign social media ambassador. It was an amazing trip and definitely put Guizhou high on my list of favorite provinces in China.

Read more about my trip to Zunyi: 7 Things to Do in Zunyi, Guizhou

Ctrip invited me to attend this promotional event in Shanghai to share about this travel  experience and make a presentation with photos and a speech.

WeChat Image_20191112172020.jpg

The Evening Activities

The event was held on a Ctrip cruise ship on the Pearl River in Shanghai – honestly you couldn’t ask for a better location in Shanghai!

The evening featured many special Zunyi traditions, including a traditional song and a tea performance. There were also many speeches made by members from the Shanghai Tourism Board, the Ctrip Administration, and also the Zunyi Tourism Board. It was very enjoyable to be reminded of all the things I loved about Zunyi, and also learn even more about the city!

WeChat Image_20191112172028

WeChat Image_20191112172031.jpg


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My Zunyi Travel Experience Speech

After the singing performance it was time for my speech. I shared my 7 Favorite Things About Zunyi, and really enjoyed talking about my experiences and remembering the fun experiences we had cave climbing, hiking, and also trying the many delicious Guizhou foods!

WeChat Image_20191113161341

WeChat Image_20191112180549.jpg

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Video of my Zunyi Presentation

Zunyi Global Ambassador 

After the speech we were presented with certificates and became Zunyi Global Ambassadors. What a big honor!

WeChat Image_20191112172400

WeChat Image_20191113151431.jpg

WeChat Image_20191113150917

WeChat Image_20191113161802

Night Cruise on the River

After the presentations and photos ended we had a dinner banquet below the deck of the ship. The ship also left the dock to embark on a night cruise around The Bund.

WeChat Image_20191112172101.jpg

WeChat Image_20191112172017

WeChat Image_20191112172018

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Thanks to Ctrip and the Zunyi Tourism Board

The event was a wonderful celebration of the city of Zunyi, and it was exciting to reconnect with many Chinese friends I met when I visited Zunyi a few months ago. Thank you again to Ctrip and the Zunyi Tourism Board for inviting me to attend this event and giving me the honor of being a Global Ambassador for Zunyi. I hope to have the chance to visit Zunyi again!

Check out some of my other recent travel experiences: 

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