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Juyongguan Great Wall: Visit the Juyong Pass in Beijing

The Juyongguan Great Wall 居庸关长城 (also called the Juyong Pass) is the first of the three impregnable passes along the Great Wall. It’s also the closest section of the wall to Beijing proper city, located just 37 kilometers away.

I’ve been chasing spring sites in Beijing to see more peach blossoms, and took my first trip to the Juyongguang Great Wall section this week! If you know me, you know I love visiting the Great Wall and have been dozens of time. I’ve revisited sections like Jinshanling and Badaling many times, but it was exciting to visit a totally new part (new to me, of course).

How To Get To The Juyongguan Great Wall in Beijing

Juyongguan is 37 kilometers from Beijing, which isn’t far at all compared to other sections! In fact, I’ve traveled farther or for more time just trying to get through the city haha. Here’s how you can get here.

  • By Train: You can first take subway line 8 or line 13 to get to Huoying Station, and exit from G4 to find Huangtudian Railway Station. Here take the train S2 to Badaling Railway Station, and then take a free shuttle bus to Badaling Bus Station, where you can transfer to bus 879 to get to Juyongguan.

  • By taxi: This is the most convenient way, and how I got here. For expats in China who have WeChat and the Didi app (or another taxi app), I would just recommend booking a taxi directly there to save time. It cost me around 140 RMB for one way ($22) and took around 45 minutes (of course, the time will depend where in the city you are coming from). My taxi driver was really cool and told me he would wait for me while I hiked (it’s worth it for many drivers to wait rather than make a trip back to the city with no passengers anyways, so if you take a taxi ask and see if they will do this!)

  • Other transportation: If you’re new to China or a first timer to Beijing, there are also travel and tour services that can arrange transportation. There are also expat groups like Laowai and CET who arrange group tours with bus transportation.

Hiking the Juyongguan Great Wall in Beijing

This section is unique as the entire wall makes a complete loop here. I started from the Eastern side, which was less steep and also gives you a view of the famous Huahai train that drives through the Peach Blossom Trees. I highly recommend coming during the spring time to view the pink mountainside here!

And of course I wore a springtime outfit: my favorite pink spring dress!

Overall, it was a fantastic short day trip outside of Beijing, and so nice to breath in the fresh spring air! I think I would return here sometime again to experience these beautiful peach blossoms. For now, I have my eye on crossing off more sections of the wall!

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  1. Oh, I am an avid traveler and exploring various landmarks is my passion. I look on you with admiring envy because of your trip to the Juyongguang Great Wall section and it is so cool that you shared your experience, giving such practical tips and useful information. It is truly cool that you are not limited by only one mode of transportation because it makes your travelling even more comfortable and pleasant. Of course, a taxi is the most simple way to implement your trip to Juyongguan Great Wall because you are not burdened with different transfers and difficulties of movement. Also, I would like to say that the cost is not so impressive and is quite acceptable, that surprised me. Your photos awakened more feelings in me to implement my trip this spring because the pink mountainside looks like a piece of art and a miracle of nature. Of course, this place causes a huge desire to return and to feel this atmosphere again.


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